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We are back with another blog on skincare. It has been so sunny in the past few days and are you worried about hyper pigmentation and photo-ageing? For those who didn’t know, the effects of photo-ageing can manifest in many ways. Melasma, freckles, actinic keratoses and texture changes are all signs of photo-ageing damage. So here we are with 6 must-have Korean Brightening Face Masks for your Skin. They will change how you look after your skin forever

1. Vivlas Vital White Korean Brightening Face Sheet Mask, (Whitening Solution), Pack of 5

Vivlas Whitening face mask revitalises and provides clearer skin tone with fermented black tea extract, black complex and vita complex  with skin moisturising and soothing effects. It will leave skin glowing! Niacinamide in this masks is also  an effective ingredient for brightening skin tone and reducing pores on face.  Moreover. Niacinamide is indicated to reduce the appearance of skin blemishes and congestion. Wow that’s so many goodies in these tiny masks sheets.

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2. Dr Jart Dermask Micro Jet Clearing Solution Korean Face Sheet Mask, Pack of 5

This ultra-fine mask soothes redness and inflammation. It contains glutathione which evens out skin tone and reduces the appearance of hyper pigmentation, while Salicylic acid, tea tree oil, and Niacinamide help diminish shine in the T-zone area for a noticeably clearer complexion. Not only targeting hyper pigmentation caused by sunrays’ damage, Salicylic acid works wonder on blackheads and whiteheads. 

3. The Face Shop Real Nature Korean Brightening Face Sheet Mask Lemon, 1 Sheet

You will love this mask from the very first few uses. This brightening mask sheet with vitamin C−packed Lemon essence brightens and adds a fresh glow to dull skin tones. An upgraded naturally-derived sheet mask fabrics with high adhesiveness thanks to its thinner and more translucent sheet material creates excellent retention of nutrition-packed serum that does not drip off. It contains a mild formula for the skin formulated with all goodies for skin and of course, you will see how skin get brighter and more glowing week by week.

4. The Face Shop Real Nature Korean Face Sheet Mask Tea Tree, 1 Sheet

Another great mask at affordable price that we really want you to know is The Real Nature with Tea Tree extracts from The Face Shop. It comes with little cute refreshing packaging design that you will love from the very first look.  During treatment, the tea tree extra can help brightening the uneven skin tone, remove melanin which causes appearance of hyper pigmentation as well as spots, pimples and other skin conditions can leave behind unsightly scars on the skin. 

Oriental Herb Extracting Process that you may also want to know: the herbs are ground, roasted and decocted in the traditional way. Air Pocket Pulp Sheet: The air pockets within the sheet contain a handful of nutritional essence, providing natural moisture and nourishment to skin. What else is good? You don’t even need to wash off after treatment. Enjoy a lovely sleep straight away!

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5. Jayjun Anti-Dust Whitening Korean Face Sheet Mask, Pack of 10

It would be a big mistake if we don’t mention this mask among the best brightening face mask you should get right now. Each Jayjun Anti-Dust mask is a 3 step mask aimed at brightening skin!

STEP 1 Jayjun Anti Dust Luminous Mask
The skin soothing active ingredients included in this skin-brightening mask pack, seep deep into the skin and make the tired skin from fine dust look lively and clean and the skin brightening ingredient Niacinamide brightens up the skin.

STEP 2 Jayjun Anti Dust Luster Ampule
It is a sleeping pack highly enriched ampule that helps with skin brightening by lightening the colour of melanin in the skin and makes the skin smooth and shiny.

STEP 3 Jayjun Anti Dust Eyes Under Corrector
It is a skin brightening and wrinkle care double-functional cosmetic that brightens up the dark skin around the eyes and by delivering nutrients deep into the skin, it makes the eye area tight.


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6. JAYJUN Rose Blossom Korean Brightening Face Sheet Mask, pack of 10

Save the best for last! Brightening, nourishing and hydrating your skin with Rose Water. JayJun Rose Blossom Facial Sheet Mask helps you get radiant skin with Rosa Centifolia Flower Water! Rose water’s excellent skin softening power makes your skin smooth and by supplying nutrients to dry and rough skin, it brightens up your skin. Also, this mask pack nourishes and moisturises tired skin from external environment and its soft rose fragrance gives your skin a sense of comfort. These are what people have used this masks say:

These feel amazing on my skin. I use them once a week, and they leave my skin feeling soft, and moisturized. I have oily skin, and this doesn’t cause me to break out, or have excess oil. I’ll definitely be ordering these again.
by Brittany in June, 2019
This Rose Blossom sheet mask from @jayjuncosmetics has really become my current obsession. It is extremely hydrating, and smells so amazing! I use it as part of my skincare routine every night now! Highly recommend! 💕🌹
by Susie in Sep 2018
This is one of my favourite sheet masks! The sachet is always packed with extra essence so the mask doesn’t dry out easily. When I remove the mask I always see a major difference in my acne spots, my redness becomes less inflamed and my skin gets a lot softer! Plus the size perfectly fits my face too!
by  Liann in Jan 2018.
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Have you tried any of these masks yet? If yes, tell us what think about them. If you haven’t, you definitely should give them ago. You will love love love how these super small and affordable masks can make such a difference on  your skin.
Love xx

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