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Why DNA & Bird Nest are most trending skincare in 2020!

Hey girls, 2020 is coming and with lot of excitements and hope. Plenty of celebrations and parties are waiting too. What are your wishes this year? Some wishes take lots of efforts to achieve, and others may not be that difficult.  Yes, we mean your wish for a beautiful & healthy looking skin! Did we have your attention yet? Read this whole blog till the end, we promise that you will find your favourite skin hero. DNA skincare is the new science-driven way to get the best skin of your life What does DNA have to do with our skin? Your DNA or genetic makeup can have a huge impact on your skin, according to Patricia Boland, skin specialist and lead product developer at Colorescience.”Everything from varicose veins to stretch marks, skin discolouration and sagging of the skin are related to our genetic makeup”, she says. “This explains why some…

Our New Wigs at OOZZ that you’ll love!

Hey girls,

Who have been waiting for our new wig arrivals ? The wait is over! is excited to launch more fabulous styles recently which you are very likely to fall in love with. See? We never stop surprising you! These include human hair wigs from Lady range and premium synthetic wig from Luna Hollywood collections by Muse and Rose. Let’s get straight to our new wigs !

6 Must-have Korean Brightening Face Masks for your Skin

Hey girls, We are back with another blog on skincare. It has been so sunny in the past few days and are you worried about hyper pigmentation and photo-ageing? For those who didn’t know, the effects of photo-ageing can manifest in many ways. Melasma, freckles, actinic keratoses and texture changes are all signs of photo-ageing damage. So here we are with 6 must-have Korean Brightening Face Masks for your Skin. They will change how you look after your skin forever 1. Vivlas Vital White Korean Brightening Face Sheet Mask, (Whitening Solution), Pack of 5 Vivlas Whitening face mask revitalises and provides clearer skin tone with fermented black tea extract, black complex and vita complex  with skin moisturising and soothing effects. It will leave skin glowing! Niacinamide in this masks is also  an effective ingredient for brightening skin tone and reducing pores on face.  Moreover. Niacinamide is indicated to reduce the…

20% SALE to Celebrate Excellent Rating on TrustPilot

Dear valued customers,

As you may have noticed, since this week, our website has been a full 5 star display rewarded by TrustPilot. Over 150 reviews have been posted with amazing notes, compliments, excitements and satisfactions from customers after using our products. Being rate “Excellent” means so much to our whole team. Thank you all so much to make it happen. You have done your part, and of course it’s our turn to give it back. Here we are with 20% SALE to Celebrate Excellent Rating on TrustPilot.