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Mother’s Day is getting really close and does anyone here start getting panic as gift is not ready? Peruse our perfect Mother’s Day presents – Mum deserves the best! Treat Mum to a thoughtful traditional gift, or a wonderful pampering experience day to help her truly unwind. Here are the Best Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2019 on

Pixie Short & Hot!

Mums are all busy, they always manage to get things done at work and can still perfectly handle house work. Are they heroins without cape? Get your mum short and easy wigs that they can easily take on and off, look after hassle-free in daily life, your mum will get amazed by how much you understands her.

Shop our short wigs range here

Original but better!

Brazilian Kinky curly human hair is always one of the best choices. It’s so close to original natural Afro hair that you mum has always loved, but softer and easier to manage, especially when the hair is sewn into a wig.

Have you seen YouTube Influencer Keshia made our 7A Brazilian kinky curly hair in to a sassy wig? Here is your step by step and review to check out:

So here is the link to purchase the hair that she is wearing (tips: you can click the photo for direct product link to purchase, too)

Link to buy: OOZZ Kinky Curl hair

OOZZ Gold Single Donor is the best idea, ever !

Mum is, without a doubt, so important to us. Time to treat her something luxurious that she has been dreaming about, something that she feels “wow” as soon as she opens the wrap.  Get her 10A Single Donor Virgin hair that all YouTubers are talking about.

Oozz Gold single donor extensions in Body Wave

OOZZ Gold is truly a revolutionary product in the UK market. Each pack has been hand selected from one single donor. Not only are the cuticles all lying in the same direction, they are in alignment and highly consistent in texture, encouraging it to remain tangle-free as it is from one single donor.  What is even better? It does come with 6 month guarantee against matting and tangling.

Check out latest YouTube reviews for OOZZ Gold Single Donor here:

Something she has never seen before

Mums know so many things that we don’t. That is why we always go to mums when need advice. Thus, it is so hard to get her amazed by something she has not seen before. It’s hard but not impossible at all. Especially with our OPAL Premium silk closure.

The Opal free parting closure is hand tied with 100% Brazilian remy human hair. This premium silk base closure looks like skin and adapts to any skin tone to create the most natural look possible. You will not need to bleach the knot or apply foundation like you do with lace based closures. Many YouTubers feel “jaw-dropping” after seeing the base of our Opal silk closure. It’s literally like a skin-scald. Something that many of them have never seen so real before.

Here is link to buy straight and body wave.

Dip Dye Fever

Have your mum been wearing black hair extensions for a while? May be it’s time to refresh her look and surprise her with something she will really love. That will be our launch of Brazilian dip dye hair collection, available in T1B/27, T1B/30, T1B/33 and T1B/Burg.

Learn more about our dip dye hair extensions here

We hate wrinkles and so do your mums

Age-ing skin is something we always try to fight against on daily basis. Moisturisers, sun creams sometimes aren’t enough as our skins have to bear the pollution, make up and impurities. Why not get your mum (and even ourselves) some skin goodies with extra boosts of vitamins, nutrients to revive and refresh. Age is just a number with our Korean face mask sheets. Easy much?

Link to buy some excellent Korean face masks here: They start from just £1.50, even cheaper than a cup of coffee but offer full of goodness.

Here is our 20% code for you & your mums: HAPPY20. Why not get something nice this weekend?

Thank you mums, you have been so awesome !


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