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How are you today? It’s been showering all day long today in Birmingham and most of UK, so not great if you plan to go out. So let’s sit back, relax, take a cup of hot chocolate and see what we have for your next skincare shopping on We promise they are the Best Korean Face Mask Sheets You Must Have Right Now.

Vivlas Vital White Korean Face Sheet Mask, (Whitening Solution), Pack of 5

Vivlas Whitening face mask revitalises and provides clearer skin tone with fermented black tea extract, black complex and vita complex  with skin moistursing and soothing effects. It will leave skin glowing! This is a must to brighten your skin tone, remove the unwanted pigmentation, dark spots from harmful sun rays. The pack  comes  in 5 sheets. You will be amazed how healthy, brightening you skin will become after the first few treatments.

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Alaxo Mermaid Tears 2-STEP Korean Face Sheet Mask, Pack of 5

This Alaxo 2 step mask aims to solve eye area trouble by eye patch and express water light skin by mask pack! Wrinkles, dark circles, spots, eye area worries which are more concerned than any other areas. Get intensive care by eye patch and put water light mask pack to solve skin troubles perfectly.

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Blumei N.M.F Black Aqua Ampule Korean Face Sheet Mask, Pack of 10

You might not have heard about Blumei if you have been living your whole life in the UK. However, girls from East Asia like Japan, Korean, Chinese. Vietnamese love these Blumei masks. The ingredients are dedicated, formulae is gentle to skin. The aqua ampule penetrates though skin cells, boosts up the hydration, which result in healthy glowing skin. Every makeup will need a best healthy skin canvas, and you’ll be amazed at what this masks can do. This is definitely one of the best Korean face mask that you should try right now.

SNP Bird’s Nest Aqua Ampoule Korean Face Sheet Mask, Pack of 10

This intensive skin care ampoule mask balances the skin’s moisture levels while also supplies an abundant amount of nutrients to the skin. This mainly contains 1000mg extract of swift-let nest that is known for its rich nutritional content. It moisturises the skin, while also leaves a protective barrier to protect the skin against further damage caused by the environment’s harmful elements. This mask also helps the skin recover from damage faster.

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Aqua Planet Log One Aqua Beam Black Korean Face Sheet Mask, Pack of 5

It’s definitely one of the most interest mask packaging designs that we have come across. An alien face with a jet black mask sheet that contains lots of skin goodies. If you are having an extremely dry and flaky skins all the time, you will fall in love with this mask instantly. The formulae intends to not just provide hydration, but also keep the moisture and water from stay on skin. This results in a smoother, softer, healthy skin up to 24 hours after mask treatment. What’s even better? This Aqua Planet Log One Aqua Beam Black Korean Face Sheet contains some anti-oxidant ingredients to help regenerate skin cells. So hey girls, this is the perfect solution!
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Labottach T-zone AG Korean Face Sheet Mask, Pack of 2

Did you know on your face, forehead can be the first area to show ageing wrinkles? Don’t let this happen and bother you. This Labottach t-zone patch restores the elasticity of the forehead and provides an antioxidant effect for the forehead zone. A specially developed form of the patch provides a convenient and easy to use application. The patch is perfect for night skincare routine. Moreover, the main ingredients of hydro-gel patches are natural with clinically proven effect. Sounds great?

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Have you tried any of these? Did you like them, comment in the box below to share with us your thoughts. Oh, of course we have some special treat for you. OOZZ is offering 20% with code: HOORAY20 to thank our customers for rating us EXCELLENT on TrustPilot. Why not grab the code fast and treat your skin something it will definitely love this summer 2019!

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