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Four styles to suit the new lifted restrictions, whether you’re off to the Zoo with the kids, or meeting your friend at a beer garden, we’ve got your new look that will have all your social bubble envious! Plus get £5 off your order for a limited time only using code: JUNE5 , works on all orders over £30! Let us know in the comments what you’ve got planned with your new found freedom……    
This classic style wig comes in 3 natural colours and will perfectly suit any face shape. The gentle cut which is longer at the front adds sophistication and glamour to any look, perfect for dressing up and down! And the 3 shades will suit all skin-tones! Get your Rachel wig here….. 

How about a fringe without any of the effort? Our SGR Venus wig frames the face beautifully with its offset parting and layered fringe.  Available in 5 colours and a great length for this summer heatwave!  Did you know that our wigs come with combs inside to  make  the  wig  smaller or bigger,  get  your  SGR  wig  here…..

Christy is one of our most popular styles thanks to its incredible volume and luscious locks! It’s side parting makes the hair fall perfectly to frame the face and its subtle highlights with the S4/30 colour truly look fabulous! Get your Christy wig here….
Last but by no means least….heres our Kelly wig. Summer calls for beachy waves! Perfect for a trip to your local beach, or a weekend of camping, you’d have the most stylish locks of the whole site! Plus don’t forget to use discount code: JUNE5 to get £5 off all orders over £30! Get your Kelly wig here…. 

Can’t wait to see what you all buy! Tag us in your selfie with our products on Insta (@OOZZCOM) and you get a £5 voucher for another order!!

We advice every customer to abide by their local guidelines in reaction to Covid-19. See here for more information.

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