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3 Must-Have Korean Face Masks This Summer 2019

Summer brings excitements for holiday, chilling under the sunlight with a iced- cold Starbucks coffee cup, or walking in the park. As we all know, the sunny days don’t last long in the UK, so when the sun is out, everyone is happy! However, you will need to look after your skin very well as it will be exposing to UV lights. As you age, your skin generate new cells slower and showing more marks and sun spot on your skin. Suncream is a great idea, but may not be enough, your skin needs to be boosted with nutrients, vitamins at night for a good recovery. Don’t panic, we have perfect solutions for you. AHC Hydra Soother Mask (5pcs) Korean skin care claims below effects so you must give it a try. Intensive and Lasting Hydration: Containing 50% hyaluronic acid which has high water-attracting and retaining the ability and stays…

Skincare Must Haves For 2019

It’s January, you’ve spent the past month eating and drinking to your heart’s content and your skin is now feeling the aftermath! Plus the cold temperatures really have your skin crying out for attention. No need to clear out your draws and invest in all new products, simply buy a pack of face masks use 2-3 times a week and voila by February your skin will be glowing! Heres our top 3 picks! Click the pictures to shop now! Mediheal Tea Tree Mask- Don’t just use Tea Tree when a breakout occurs. Incorporate it into your weekly routine with the Mediheal Tea Tree Mask. Soothe your dry skin and clear out pores thanks to its tea tree leaf oil, pine needle and portulaca oleracea extracts. Papa Recipe Rose Gold Honey Mask- Treat your skin to 24k gold with this Papa Recipe mask. It intensely moisturises skin without leaving a sticky residue, perfect for…

Autumn Skin Care Picks

Autumn  Skin Care Picks! This week it officially became Autumn, and after our Summer of Sun, we here at OOZZ think its time for some skin therapy. As the weather gets colder and the air gets cooler a sheet mask is a perfect way to intensely nourish the skin.  What our skin desperately needs in the colder months is HYDRATION! From your walk to work, to having the heating on,  our skin is constantly battling with the lack of moisture in the air. We’ve put together our top 5 picks for intense hydration that we think your skin will be forever grateful for. And what’s easier than a weekly sheet mask to get some intense hydration in rather than changing your whole skincare routine! 1.  Dr Jart Ceramidin™ Mask This Ceramidin Mask forms a moisturizing barrier and prevents moisture from evaporating with its soft emulsion formula, provides a smooth finish without stickiness,…

Review The 10 Best Korean Face Masks 2018

Hi beauties,

Are you looking for a good Korean face mask to combat skin issues?

Using a face mask regularly can help you get flawless skin as these masks hydrate the skin and nourish it to reduce early signs of ageing and improve the skin texture. Korean skincare products are famous for the ingredients which they use in their products. The sheet masks from the Korean skincare brands are great for getting soft and plump skin easily. Today we are back with another blog post revealing which is the top 10 best Korean Face Mask 2018, rated by reputable beauty bloggers and websites.

Top Tips For Getting The Most Out Your Face Mask!

Who doesn’t want to get the best value for money? Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your face mask.  1. Firstly let’s start with before you apply the face mask, make sure your face is thoroughly washed and cleansed. Also steam before you use the mask to really open us your pores or for a faster fix gently exfoliate your skin.   We also recommend storing the mask at the appropriate temperature before use. Some of our mask packs even come with a temperature gauge that when put in the fridge will turn a different colour meaning its at the perfect temperature for use! 2. Make sure you read the instructions! Our current face mask range are all Korean brands, therefore, some of the packaging may be in a foreign language however the product listing on our website will have the directions for use there. As the majority of face…

Vogue’s lists of the Best-selling Korean sheet masks of 2017

Vogue is definitely an expert in beauty and fashions and its reviews are super useful for girls who are so into beauty products. Here is what Vogue Australia reviewed regarding best Korea’s best selling sheet mask in 2017, in a collaboration with Kelly Im of K-beauty blog Yeon & Bee. “Think we’ve reached peak sheet mask? Well, you haven’t seen Korean drugstores. In the birthplace of the sheet mask, competition is fierce. By the time you’re done Instagram-ing that adorable panda sheet mask, Korean brands have already replaced them with gloriously frothy bubble masks or ones made of 24k gold (seriously). So, which innovative sheet masks dominated the country’s drugstore sales this year? Turns out that while Koreans may enjoy the occasional knitted or foil mask, the products they truly rely on are all about high quality ingredients that nourish and hydrate to give that perfect glass skin. Here is tthe two…

Jayjun Rose Blossom Sheet Mask Review

Jayjun Rose Blossom Mask Review: Check out this review of the Jayjun Rose Blossom Sheet Mask. It really is as dreamy as it sounds! Jayjun is a Korean skincare company established in 2014 with the main goal of tightening skin and making it look and feel younger. They’ve even had Drew Barrymore create a line of sheet masks with them! This Rose Blossom sheet mask will do an amazing job of brightening, nourishing and hydrating the skin. Rose water has excellent skin softening power that works by supplying nutrients to dry and rough skin resulting in brighter skin! The mask also nourishes and moisturised tired skin and the soft rose scene gives your skina sense of comfort. Here’s a smaller version below for a quick overview: Scent (5/5):  This face mask has a subtle rose scent, and this fades away after application. If you’re into roses and similar sweet scents, then the smell of this…