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New Launch


New Launch of Dip Dye Hair Extensions

Hi  girlssss how have you been? It’s been super busy for us with launching new pastel wigs, couple of new natural face masks, photoshoots and collaborating with YouTube influencers. Things have been great but it also means we got bit behind with our blog post. Now the sun is out there and we want you to get ready to shine with our new dip dye hair collection. Dip Dye Brown hair fever Have you heard about you can never go wrong with dip dye hair ? Why? Because you can simply look hot and cute at the same time.  Here are some hair inspirations for medium brown dip dye hair. To achieve this look, then you simply need our 7A Brazilian human hair( 2-4 bundles) in colour T1B/30 or T1B/33, depend on what type of brown you prefer. Dip Dye Honey Blonde Inspirations Don’t want go for natural brown shade?…

New Luna European Wig Collection proudly introduce our brand new Luna Fiber Wig Collection that has just arrived on our website.  There are 13 brand new styles and of course some more are on the way. It is the first time ever our wigs are made into European colours, thus we are super excited!! Here are some quick cool facts of Luna premium wig collection you might want to know:

What’s new on OOZZ?

Hey babes, Hope you are all doing well. Today we release another blog post to keep you updated with what’s new ( probably hot too) on our store. Extra Long Brazilian Virgin Remy Human Hair After so many calls and emails request for virgin hair that exceed general lengths, we are very proud to announce that we have just launched extra long Brazilian virgin range at grade 9A quality which can go up to 28″.  Yes, you heard right, we mean it, 28″ long!! This new range is definitely worth your wow. The 9A New Sensorial hair range started in 2013 in many hair salons and stores in the UK. It was tested, styled and has  earned many hairdressers’ trust. It’s raw, unprocessed and got nothing else added. Good for dying purpose, so yes, you can certainly confident of what you are getting. It’s not the cheapest hair price you’ve…

Why does everyone love OOZZ?

Is OOZZ hair extension good? Is trusted? We know lots of you have been wondering this questions since first heard about us. Nowadays, there are way too many hair suppliers. Did you hear that? Wayyyyy too many. From eBay, Amazon, some Chinese website vendors so on and so on… The problem of facing too many sellers is that you do not even know which one is real and which one isn’t. Worse scenarios is you buy the hair products, either extensions or wigs from China, which take ages to arrive. Then what happen next? After a few washes, they go crazy and matt? What’s next? That’s another one to bin destination (face palm- wish we could have some the emoji here ) So good news is you found, or at least heard about it. Why is then? Why do we think you will love and stay? Start…

Mediheal – N.M.F. Aquaring Ampoule Face Mask Review

Check out Cosme Perks  amazing review of the Mediheal  N.M.F Aquaring Ampoule face mask! She says “This has become one of my favourite masks, especially because even though it’s summer it’s not too heavy, and in the winter it will be moist enough. ” Mediheal is a Korean skincare brand founded by skin experts and dermatologists from Seoul University’ beauty school. This mask contains various ingredients aimed at different skin issues.  Ceramide is used to replenish moisture in the skin and Hylauronic acid  helps to create a moisture barrier on the skin. The N.M.F factor of the mask helps to maintain skin elasticity and lastly the mask also contains Witch Hazel known for soothing and removing excess sebum. Overall this mask is excellent for tackling a multitude of skin problems resulting in skin able to lock in moisture and tightened pores. No need for several heavy creams anymore! Just tackle it… Latest Wig Arrivals

Hey girls,

We proudly show you our latest wig arrivals on . They are all fantastic and fashionable wig styles for your beautiful look in this Spring/Summer 2018. All wigs have been designed well and paid attention in great details to to ensure you don’t just look great but also feel so natural and comfortable, like you are wearing your own hair.

OOZZ Gold Brazilian Remy Human Hair Review From By Altou Mvuama

Hi girls,

Have you seen Altou’s latest  hair review OOZZ Gold Premium 100g organically sourced single donor, 100% unprocessed Brazilian Remy human hair extensions?

OOZZ Gold is truly a revolutionary product in the UK market. Each pack has been hand selected from one single donor. Not only are the cuticles all lying in the same direction, they are in alignment and highly consistent in texture, encouraging it to remain tangle-free as it is from one single donor.

Top 5 Best Selling Korean Face Masks on

Hey girls, Hope you are staying fantastic! We have not posted for a while as it has been so crazily busy for us , especially after Korean face mask arrived on . Besides many compliments, positive reviews and thoughts (which is  excellent!! ), we have been inquired what best selling masks are. So yes, today we will talk about our best selling Korean face masks in April 2018. Dr. Jart Rubber Mask Special Set of 4 (Firming, Clear, Moist, Bright) Limited Edition Without any doubts, Dr Jart Rubber Face Mask limited edition has been one of the best selling beauty products on These masks have rich nourishment content that can brighten up your skin, perfecting your pore, firming and fighting against age-ing issue. That’s a whole package that a girl ever wishes for her skin. Give a round of applause to Dr Jart Special set! What else is…