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Think back to a month go on February 14th when no doubt women had showered their man with gifts and food and done their best hair and makeup and maybe even got a new outfit! Now a month later on the 14th March it’s the guys turn to shower the woman! Its common practice now to adopt other countries cultures into ours usually if it means gifts or sales or a day off. Black Friday is all about Thanksgiving yet we find ourselves running around like crazy trying to get the biggest bargain.

The latest tradition we are about to adopt is White Day. We know it doesn’t sound the most romantic, it was originally named Marshmallow day. The idea was created by a confectionary company, it later changed to White Day due to its colour of purity, evoking “pure, sweet teen love”, and because it’s also the colour of sugar. On this day it is customary for men to return gifts that are at least two or three times more valuable than the gifts received in Valentine’s Day ( see told you you’d like this one). And let all men know that not returning the gift is perceived as the men placing himself in a position of superiority, even if excuses are given or returning a present of equal value is considered as a way to say that you are ending the relationship. Originally only chocolates were given, but now jewellery, accessories, clothing and lingerie are common White Day gift. There you go men, go big or go home! Here are our top picks for some amazing White Day gifts.

Janet- One of our most versatile wigs! This wig has a 2-inch lace front meaning it can be parted anywhere and also has the option of being dyed, permed and bleached! Great option with its luxe feel and long length. The wig is also hand tied giving it the most natural look. You really can’t go wrong with this option!

Nicki- Always a popular choice when buying as a gift with its bouncy waves that fall just below the shoulder and its natural looking parting. Perfect for those girls who want the effortless look without spending the day in rollers! Nicki also comes in several colours that have highlights adding that extra bit of oomph!

Riri- The sleekest option for super straight silky hair. It has a hand-tied parting which creates a natural look. Perfect for a date night and it’s available in 9 different colours so you really can’t go wrong! Riri is always in the sale however with our discount code SPRING20 you can get a further 20% off!


Loose Wave- Why not treat her to the most luxurious extensions on the market? Our OOZZ Gold single donor extensions are incredible quality and an incredible price with the SPRING20 discount. Available in Natural Colour they OOZZ luxury with their silky smooth texture and natural loose wave.

Deep Wave- Another one of our OOZZ Gold hair extensions because they really are a steal with the discount! Deep wave is a popular choice to give your own hair just a bit more volume and bounce. All our OOZZ Gold extensions are 100% Brazillian human hair which is unprocessed meaning it should be tangle free and highly consistent in texture.

Don’t forget we have 20% off until the end of March using code SPRING20 and any orders over £20  qualify for FREE DELIVERY! Order today by 3pm to get your order in time! Happy Shopping and don’t forget to think wisely about what your gift is saying!


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