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Find yourself hitting up YouTube to listen to your fave song of the moment and end up watching an hour and a half worth of product reviews and Get Ready With Me’s? Yeah me too. Well here are my favourite new YouTube videos that are worth the watch!

Manny MUA’s roundup on the most over-hyped beauty products taking YouTube by storm.

We’re all guilty of it, a beauty product goes viral and we jump on the bandwagon quicker than you can say free delivery. Thank the beauty gods above for real AF gurus like Manny MUA, who put these more often than not expensive as hell products to the test and give us the low down.


Huda Beauty Fauxfilter Foundation


Altou Mvuama’s honest and real review on Oozz Gold Single Donor Extensions


Shop Altou’s style here:

Oozz Gold single donor extensions in Body Wave

Jaclyn Hill’s Matte vs Highlight, with very surprising results…

We all know Jaclyn Hill for her die-hard obsession with highlighter (champaign pop anyone?!), but this half and half demo has her realising that highlighter isn’t always a girl’s best friend. Shocking. I know.


Sarah Jo Holder’s Zara vs Zaful Haul 

She’s a pal so I’m biased, but if you want Autumn/Winter outfit inspo that won’t break the bank, check it out!


Will you be purchasing any of the over-hyped products, trying out our single donor extensions or easing up on your highlight game anytime soon?

Enough about my favourite new YouTube videos, what are you diggin’ right now? Send us the link to your favourite hair, beauty and fashion videos that you think we need to know about.

Catch you soon!


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