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It’s super annoying when your hair extensions get knotty and matting, urghhh! But just as your natural hair gets tangled during the day,it’s totally normal for your hair extensions to do the same thing. That doesn’t make it any less annoying but there are some simple steps you can follow to prevent your hair extensions from matting. Let’s go

1.Always Ensure You Apply Them Properly

This sounds super obvious but applying your hair extensions properly can help to keep them tangle free and they’ll be way more secure in your hair. It’s very important to get your sections as neat as possible because neat sections will allow your extensions to sit flush to your head making them less prone to matting and way more secure.

Also, you know your feelings best so do let your hairdressers know if the hair is sewn in too loose or too tight.

2.Use The Right Products

Not all of the products that you use on your natural hair will be suitable for your extensions. Especially, ingredients like alcohol, sulphates or salt can seriously dry out  your extensions and make them way more prone to tangles so you definitely want to avoid those.

You also want to stay away from dry shampoos and salt, settling sprays as they build up in the hair and can really dry it out. Instead go for products that are as light and natural as possible and that include silicone or natural oils.

Sometimes you can work on deep conditioning by skip your shampoo and wash your hair extensions with conditioner only and then rinse off. The results will amaze you.

3. Use Heat Protector

Heat styling damages the cuticle (outer layer) of our hair which eventually breaks down Keratin, the protein that our hair is made of, and leads to breakage. This scary process is sped up by the fact that the heat is zapping the moisture out of our hair as we’re styling and making it dry and brittle.  You must get your hair some heat protector to preserve the keratin, protein in the hair cells because if your hair is dead once it’s damaged there’s no going back!

You also want to apply the protector in sections to make sure you coat your hair as evenly as possible. You can also take a fine tooth comb and run it through every section after applying the product to make sure you’re totally covered.

4. Know Which One to Comb

Depending on the tightness of curly textures, you should always comb your hair differently. Generally speaking the straight and natural wave hair are the most easy to maintain and the curlier the hair is, the more care you should give to it. You should not over comb deep wave hair and must not comb kinky curly (Jerry curly) hair. For tight curly hair, it is best to naturally finger comb it.

You should use a wide tooth comb when your hair is wet rather than a brush, and always comb your ends first and then the rest of the hair. A very important note is avoid combing your hair while it’s wet, because when your hair is soaking wet, it is weaker, fragile and more susceptible to breakage.

5. Washing Tips

It may sound quite obvious but worth mentioning, you should always de-tangle the hair prior washing. You should let the hair gently and let the water run from top to end of the hair. Please do not wash it in a circular motion.

If the hair and closure have been sewn to a wig unit, you can wash it in the sink and squeeze out all sweats and dust, then rinse off with clean water. Simple.

6. Best Way to Dry Your Hair

Air-dry is the most natural way and also the best way to let your hair dry. Avoid rubbing your hair vigorously with a towel or letting the hair down while wet, because extensions with excessive water may get weighted down due to gravity and loosen hair curls. Instead, wrap the  soft and silky towel around your head and squeeze your hair to draw the water out.

If you sew hair into a wig, you can lay the whole hair unit on top of cotton towel on a flat surface till it’s roughly dry, that would be excellent!

7. Choose High Quality Hair

If you want to have a great expectation for long lasting and enjoyable usage experiences, you should really go for high quality hair extensions. We proudly to recommend you our 10A Quality OOZZ Gold Single Donor Brazilian Virgin Remy Human Hair.

oozz gold hair extension
OOZZ GOLD Single Donor Brazilian Virgin Remy Hair

OOZZ Gold Brazilian hair is revolutionary, ultra luxurious and ethically sourced.  The product is made with 100% virgin Remy hair Human Hair, which has been hand selected from one single donor. This is to ensure the most beautiful and healthy quality to offer consistent colour and texture. The cuticles of the hair are in alignment from roots to ends, retaining the natural shine and strength, while remaining tangle-free.

Hope you enjoy our tips and see you next blog,

The OOZZ Team



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