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You love your skin and want to boost healthy and dedicated treatment to it but don’t want to crash your bank? Fabulous, you are entering right place. We have handpicked fantastic skincare goodies that will improve your skin so nicely while price ranges are only £0.85 and £1.50. What?! Yes, you have seen it right, these incredible natural mask  cost less than half  of your daily Starbucks. So let’s start!

The Face Shop Real Nature Face Mask Aloe, 1 Sheet

The moisturising and soothing mask sheet with Aloe essence hydrates and soothes sensitive skin with rich moisture. Drenched in a smooth serum with oil . The high water content (99.5 per cent) means it’s very hydrating, soothing and cooling . That’s why it’s a common ingredient in after sun products). It’s also a powerful anti-inflammatory and can treat skin conditions including psoriasis, sunburn, acne, dry skin and frostbite.

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Nature Republic – Cucumber Korean Face Sheet Mask, 1 Sheet

Did you know 6 Essential Benefits Of Cucumber:

  1. Cucumber is made of 96 percent water. That spells hydration, hydration and hydration.
  2. Water is not all that cucumber contains. It also has other nutrients like magnesium and potassium.
  3. It is great for the heat generated by the body and when the temperatures soar.
  4. It is good for detoxifying, and also makes regular appearances in weight loss diets.
  5. Beauty benefits extend to healthy gums and fresh breath, sparkling eyes without the bags, dark circles and puffiness, and beautiful skin owing to the nutrients it contains like biotin, vitamins A, B1 and C, and potassium.
  6. And we are just getting started because cucumber also helps the overall health of the body in many ways and improve heart health, brains, and are good for diabetics.

Now, why is cucumber used as a beauty aid? Link to buy:

The Face Shop Real Nature Korean Face Sheet Mask Bamboo, 1 Sheet

Did you know that bamboo actually contains 70% natural silica, an organic compound that is essential for the body and works to keep your skin looking healthy, supple and radiant. Moreover, Bamboo extract can actually strengthen the skin, making it perfect for those suffering from acne.

This sheet mask contains a bamboo extract that moisturises skin to revitalise complexion. It is an upgraded naturally-derived sheet mask with high adhesiveness thanks to its thinner and more translucent sheet material.  It has excellent retention of nutrition-packed serum that does not drip off.

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The Face Shop Real Nature Korean Face Sheet Mask Calendula, 1 Sheet @ 85p

Yes, you see it right. This Calendula only cost you literally 85p. Now you’ve found your perfect budget skincare. So what exactly Calendula does to your skin?
Calendula oil is a natural oil extracted from marigold flowers (Calendula officinalis). It’s often used as a complementary or alternative treatment. Calendula oil has anti fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that might make it useful in healing wounds, soothing eczema,  and extremely dry skin. People are loving that, and you, have you tried it yet?

The Face Shop Real Nature Korean Face Sheet Mask Potato, 1 Sheet @ 85p

The sheet mask with potato extract that soothes by leaving a cooling sensation to relieve tired skin due to exposure to strong sunlight. An upgraded naturally-derived sheet mask fabric with high adhesiveness with its thinner and more translucent sheet material, to  create excellent retention of nutrition-packed serum that does not drip off. It uses ideal blend of moisture and hydrating agents to enable moisturising effect is more lasting. Do you know this potato mask helps treat acne and other skin conditions like dark spots and blemishes. The vegetable also works equally well for skin whitening. Good to know?

Of course, this is another fantastic mask at 85 pence only. Link to buy:

This is a dream products for anti ageing at just 85p, We mean what can go wrong for such quality at 85 pence? This firming and revitalising sheet mask with pomegranate extract restores skin’s elasticity and vitality. Natural grinding extraction is a process,where natural plants are ground and blended with a moisturising water-based ingredient to create a natural extract. The natural adhesive mask formulated with tree extracts clings tightly to skin to infuse it with the essence.

How to use? It’s simply like 1,2,3

1. Wash face and apply toner
2. Pull out mask and carefully place on face
3. Remove after 10 to 15 minutes and pat face lightly to absorb remaining essence into skin.

It’s literally at 85 pence and you will see a surprising skin improvement within weeks of uses.

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The Face Shop Real Nature Face Mask Kelp, 1 Sheet @ 85p

Kelp is so underrated as a skincare and skin nutrients. While we have heard lots of good things about Shea Butter, Olive, Aloe, most of general female consumers surprisingly know so little about kelp.

Based on various research, Kelp is really mineral and antioxidant rich, and is known to help soften and hydrate dry skin. Not only that, but it also helps your skin retain moisturise, keeping it hydrated for longer. It is known to reduce the appearance of breakouts. Sea Kelp contains minerals that penetrate the skin and remove toxins. So say hello to Kelp mask sheet and good by to dry sensitive skin

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Have you tried any of these masks? What do you think of them? Comment in the box and let us know xx.

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