Latest Posts: is happy to announce that we have just launched a guarantee program called OOZZ Guarantee which warrants quality of our OOZZ Gold Single Donor and OOZZ Mink Selected Donors.

Why OOZZ Guarantee is so meaningful and important? is proud of our hair quality that we work hard on sourcing, to ensure the highest satisfaction among our users. There are too many poor quality extensions in the market that let down hair users with time and money waste. We do not think it’s fair for our users and believe that they should be able to buy hair with 100% confidence. 

Thus we launch top 2 best hair extensions in the market and guarantee them with best protection with 6 months and 3 months. You are automatically subscribe to our program when purchasing OOZZ Gold and OOZZ Mink. free of charge.

Why OOZZ Gold Single Donor is So Premium

OOZZ Gold Single Donor is revolutionary and certainly seen as the highest quality virgin hair ever. Each bundle is from purely one single donor with absolute consistency in textures and colour, quality, touch and feel. It’s impossible to go wrong in terms of quality worthy.

Not everyone can be a OOZZ Gold donor. While sourcing the hair, we select the donor at the best age between 18-30, with virgin hair state and really healthy hair texture thanks to the youthfulness. Thus, OOZZ Gold, as its name, is really a Gold standard in hair market. It’s game changer, a revolutionary products. The prices start from £39.99 to reflect it’s premium and rare quality, but the performance is durable and with the right care, this hair will last up to 1-2 years.

If you are curious to find out more what people say about OOZZ Gold, simply YouTube it with key words: OOZZ Gold Hair Review

OOZZ Mink Selected Donors – The Quality Hair That’s Worth the Hype

In recent years, many customers are looking for Mink hair, or wondering what is Mink hair. Mink hair indicate the higher end a quality of the hair bundles.

We are all very different, from the skin, cells and so do our hair strands. Standard hair bundles can be collected and combined from thousand hair donors, if not more. Through out the use, such as combing, you will start recognise the inconsistency in term of colour, silkiness, or possibly, roughness.  Some hair bundles can have more serious breakage as the hair donors are in a wide range in term of ages, hair textures and cells and so on.

Mink hair indicate higher quality of virgin remy human hair extensions that are sourced from fewer quantity of donors. OOZZ Mink is even more special, we refer to OOZZ Mink Selected Donors which means only donors with the highest hair standard of softness, durability, and thickness can supply the hair. For such reason, OOZZ Mink Selected Donor range is even higher quality other standard Mink hair, not to mention basic virgin hair.

In short, Mink Hair is a step upgrade from standard virgin hair towards Premium single donor – the iconic OOZZ Gold.

It’s a great choice for women who want to invest a little bit more on hair to enjoy very durable soft quality hair but not yet ready for premium OOZZ Gold.

OOZZ Guarantee on our proud OOZZ Gold and OOZZ Mink

Hopefully now you’ll know the premium quality and difference between OOZZ Gold and OOZZ Mink. Thanks to its very special quality, we are confident to offer you up to 6 months on OOZZ Gold and 3 months on OOZZ Mink: no matting & no tangling.

These are genuine remy hair, thus they are very easy to look after. You only need to closely follow our hair maintenance and instruction that is stated on User Guidelines ( .  Get yourselves some extra hair tips in our blog ( to ensure the best result.

Simple purchase the these hair with ease in mind that they will be very good for you. If you have any issues at all with tangling or matting, simply call us: 0800 612 6688 or email: and our hair specialists will resolve your issues promptly with rich experiences.

If we need to have a close look at the products, we will ask you to send them to our UK hair lab centre and try our best to revive the hair. If we cannot, we will offer you a free replacement. Pretty simply, isn’t it?

This is the first guarantee scheme ever in the UK on virgin hair, we are proud to be the first and the best hair website that gives you reassurance when shopping with us. So why wait to shop for your dream hair?



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