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Hair Extension Comparison on

If you have visited our website a few times and been wondering the differences among 7A Brazilian Virgin Hair ,9A Brazilian Virgin Hair and OOZZ Gold Single Donor Brazilian Virgin Hair on, we can certainly help you with that.This is the most comprehensive hair comparison chart for these 3 ranges. We list these in terms of prices, length, quality, rating, and also maintenance.

How to Care for Your Hair Extensions

It’s super annoying when your hair extensions get knotty and matting, urghhh! But just as your natural hair gets tangled during the day,it’s totally normal for your hair extensions to do the same thing. That doesn’t make it any less annoying but there are some simple steps you can follow to prevent your hair extensions from matting. Let’s go

Peruvian Vs Brazilian Hair: Which Is Better For Me?

Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair, which one is better? You may wonder the slight difference between the two hair types.When making the decision between either Peruvian or Brazilian hair extensions, it is imperative that you know the difference between the two, and the advantages and disadvantages of using these hair extensions.

Some people like using both Peruvian and Brazilian hair for hair extensions or for a wig, although these people sometimes encounter a problem when trying to determine the quality of hair they should choose.

What’s new on OOZZ?

Hey babes, Hope you are all doing well. Today we release another blog post to keep you updated with what’s new ( probably hot too) on our store. Extra Long Brazilian Virgin Remy Human Hair After so many calls and emails request for virgin hair that exceed general lengths, we are very proud to announce that we have just launched extra long Brazilian virgin range at grade 9A quality which can go up to 28″.  Yes, you heard right, we mean it, 28″ long!! This new range is definitely worth your wow. The 9A New Sensorial hair range started in 2013 in many hair salons and stores in the UK. It was tested, styled and has  earned many hairdressers’ trust. It’s raw, unprocessed and got nothing else added. Good for dying purpose, so yes, you can certainly confident of what you are getting. It’s not the cheapest hair price you’ve…

CFDA Awards Hair Trends

Let’s take a look at two of our favourite trends we noticed from the CFDA Awards Red Carpet. As always an incredible carpet, star-studded in glamorous outfits, however, the hair was something else! What do you expect when you get 3 Kardashians in the same room at the same time hey?!  1.HIGH PONYTAIL Spotted on Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian West, Issa Rae and Joan Smalls this was our favourite trend. So often Red Carpets are full of extravagant updos and hairstyles that look like they took an entire day to do but the effortless nature of a high pony was a nice breath of fresh air. We are sure it had nothing to do with the natural anti-ageing benefits of pulling your hair back tightly and can only assume it was to do with just how badass these women are who don’t want or need to spend a day getting their hair done. Recreate the look with… Latest Wig Arrivals

Hey girls,

We proudly show you our latest wig arrivals on . They are all fantastic and fashionable wig styles for your beautiful look in this Spring/Summer 2018. All wigs have been designed well and paid attention in great details to to ensure you don’t just look great but also feel so natural and comfortable, like you are wearing your own hair.

Vogue’s lists of the Best-selling Korean sheet masks of 2017

Vogue is definitely an expert in beauty and fashions and its reviews are super useful for girls who are so into beauty products. Here is what Vogue Australia reviewed regarding best Korea’s best selling sheet mask in 2017, in a collaboration with Kelly Im of K-beauty blog Yeon & Bee. “Think we’ve reached peak sheet mask? Well, you haven’t seen Korean drugstores. In the birthplace of the sheet mask, competition is fierce. By the time you’re done Instagram-ing that adorable panda sheet mask, Korean brands have already replaced them with gloriously frothy bubble masks or ones made of 24k gold (seriously). So, which innovative sheet masks dominated the country’s drugstore sales this year? Turns out that while Koreans may enjoy the occasional knitted or foil mask, the products they truly rely on are all about high quality ingredients that nourish and hydrate to give that perfect glass skin. Here is tthe two…

Jayjun Rose Blossom Sheet Mask Review

Jayjun Rose Blossom Mask Review: Check out this review of the Jayjun Rose Blossom Sheet Mask. It really is as dreamy as it sounds! Jayjun is a Korean skincare company established in 2014 with the main goal of tightening skin and making it look and feel younger. They’ve even had Drew Barrymore create a line of sheet masks with them! This Rose Blossom sheet mask will do an amazing job of brightening, nourishing and hydrating the skin. Rose water has excellent skin softening power that works by supplying nutrients to dry and rough skin resulting in brighter skin! The mask also nourishes and moisturised tired skin and the soft rose scene gives your skina sense of comfort. Here’s a smaller version below for a quick overview: Scent (5/5):  This face mask has a subtle rose scent, and this fades away after application. If you’re into roses and similar sweet scents, then the smell of this…