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Stay At Home Glam!! Top skincare tips to make the most of all your free time!

Now we are all spending more time at home and finding out weekends with zero plans why not take the free time and really treat yourself! Stay at home glam is the new trend! Skincare is something that you can really experiment with in these times. You can try new products without the worry of it affecting your skin or how your makeup sits underneath as no-one has anywhere to go! So why not take this time and really treat your skin to some super nourishment and hydration with a face mask! While a face mask usually only takes 5-10 minutes to work we often find that the dewy skin left after isn’t often desirable before you go out and most often people will spend a whole evening pampering. Well now you have all that time! So treat yourself to some of our skincare range and your face will say…

Mothers Day Wig Picking and Exclusive Discount Code: Our guide to matching the perfect wig

Mothers Day is only around the corner (Sunday 22nd March in case you’d forgot), so we thought why not treats yours, or even yourself to one of our fabulous wig styles! Use your exclusive discount to get 20% off any orders with a minimum spend of £15 with code: MUM20. Not sure where to start? Heres our guide to picking the perfect wig to match you or your mum’s lifestyle! Do you like to get up and go or is your mum a busy body who doesn’t spend much time on herself? Then why not try our capless styles which are no fuss no drama just simply get up and put on….. CAPLESS WIG STYLES Or are you and your mum in need of some TLC. A bit of me-time can be requested when you get one of our 100% full lace hand-tied wigs. You can trim the lace to…

6 Must-have Korean Brightening Face Masks for your Skin

Hey girls, We are back with another blog on skincare. It has been so sunny in the past few days and are you worried about hyper pigmentation and photo-ageing? For those who didn’t know, the effects of photo-ageing can manifest in many ways. Melasma, freckles, actinic keratoses and texture changes are all signs of photo-ageing damage. So here we are with 6 must-have Korean Brightening Face Masks for your Skin. They will change how you look after your skin forever 1. Vivlas Vital White Korean Brightening Face Sheet Mask, (Whitening Solution), Pack of 5 Vivlas Whitening face mask revitalises and provides clearer skin tone with fermented black tea extract, black complex and vita complex  with skin moisturising and soothing effects. It will leave skin glowing! Niacinamide in this masks is also  an effective ingredient for brightening skin tone and reducing pores on face.  Moreover. Niacinamide is indicated to reduce the…

OMG Incredible Korean Face Masks for Your Skin from 85p!

You love your skin and want to boost healthy and dedicated treatment to it but don’t want to crash your bank? Fabulous, you are entering right place. We have handpicked fantastic skincare goodies that will improve your skin so nicely while price ranges are only £0.85 and £1.50. What?! Yes, you have seen it right, these incredible natural mask  cost less than half  of your daily Starbucks. So let’s start!