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Hey girls,

Hope you are staying fantastic! We have not posted for a while as it has been so crazily busy for us , especially after Korean face mask arrived on . Besides many compliments, positive reviews and thoughts (which is  excellent!! ), we have been inquired what best selling masks are. So yes, today we will talk about our best selling Korean face masks in April 2018.

Dr. Jart Rubber Mask Special Set of 4 (Firming, Clear, Moist, Bright) Limited Edition

Without any doubts, Dr Jart Rubber Face Mask limited edition has been one of the best selling beauty products on These masks have rich nourishment content that can brighten up your skin, perfecting your pore, firming and fighting against age-ing issue. That’s a whole package that a girl ever wishes for her skin. Give a round of applause to Dr Jart Special set! What else is good about it? This set is now on offer at £36 while it’s RRP is £60 which is the best offer you could find. Wow such a bargain!! Let’s grab this offer before it’s gone.

 Jayjun Anti-Dust Therapy Korean Mask, Pack Of 10

JAYJUN is a very popular brands in Korea, as well as worldwide. Its mask collection hold a strong reputation for offering skin a great deep treat against harsh and dusty environment. Your skin gets protected, renewed and refined for a very fresh and beautiful look. Go for it, we bet you will love it!

Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Korean Face Mask, Pack of 10

Finding an excellent mask with natural ingredients is not as hard as you think. The Papa Recipe Bombee Mask nourishes and moisturizes the skin with honey and propolis extract. The mask pack is designed with all natural ingredients that are full of nutrients to replenish, rejuvenate, and hydrate your skin to protect & prevent from irritants.

Made with Papa Recipe’s Gold Complex formula of organic extracts, the Bombee honey maskpack is made only with organic ingredients directly from nature, without the use of artificial preservatives, making it safe to use for everyone.

The Face Shop Real Nature Korean Mask Sheet Collection 

Are you looking for a healthy and natural skin treatment without breaking your bank, we think it’s absolutely possible. proudly introduce a full range of Real Nature mask collection that starts from £1.50 only. Formula without added parabens.  Oriental Herb Extracting Process: The Oriental Herb Extracting Process is our special way of extracting ingredients from oriental herbs. The herbs are ground, roasted and decocted in the traditional way.

AHC Vital Medical Premium Hydra Gold Foil Korean Mask, pack of 5

Often hear a old saying as good as Gold? We save this mask till the end to wrap up this blog post on the top 5 best selling masks . The effect it offers on skin is truly magic. AHC Premium Hydra Gold Foil Mask is a luxurious multi-function mask which has regenerative and anti-aging properties and also helps detoxify and nourish skin. This premium mask is made with 99% nano gold, ginseng root extract and vitamin B5 which helps skin detox and maintain elasticity while also hydrating and revitalizing skin. This mask has a three layered structure which conforms to every contour of your face, maximizing its absorption of the masks ingredients. This mask also provides a cooling sensation as nutrients rejuvenate, soothe, and nourish skin.

Still need a bit of motivation to try these marks? is offering 20% off on everything with the code: HEY20 . It’s time to grab everything you love quick before it expires.

Hope you girls enjoy these picks and let us know what would you like to talk about in the next post. See you soon !

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