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Who doesn’t want to get the best value for money? Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your face mask. 

1. Firstly let’s start with before you apply the face mask, make sure your face is thoroughly washed and cleansed. Also steam before you use the mask to really open us your pores or for a faster fix gently exfoliate your skin.   We also recommend storing the mask at the appropriate temperature before use. Some of our mask packs even come with a temperature gauge that when put in the fridge will turn a different colour meaning its at the perfect temperature for use!

2. Make sure you read the instructions! Our current face mask range are all Korean brands, therefore, some of the packaging may be in a foreign language however the product listing on our website will have the directions for use there. As the majority of face masks are soaked in nutrients it may seem cost-effective to leave on for longer than stated however masks if left on too long they will start to draw the essence from your face back into the masks. Set a timer to ensure you don’t run over the allotted time!
3. Always double check the ingredients. All face masks are obviously targetted at specific skin types or problem areas. No mask is made to irritate your skin however just one ingredient might not agree with your skin type. Simply just take some product and apply to the wrist. Wait a few hours and if no reactions then apply to your face.
4. Face masks obviously only come in one size, however, we certainly all do not have the same size features. To ensure best application do not be afraid to cut the masks to avoid the eye area and fit effectively around features like the nose. An extra tip when applying the mask lift it upwards in the opposite direction of sagging skin when applying to the chin area, if you do this every time you apply a face mask it should ensure tighter, tauter skin.
5. Also don’t be afraid to make up your own rules. We all know our skin very well and for some, the texture of residue left after a mask can be uncomfortable whereas for others it can soak in in a matter of minutes. If feeling too sticky simple dab your face with a cotton pad lightly.
6. As stated before masks are full of product and nutrients that when used can often still feel drenched. Simply put the mask onto your neck for another 10 minutes to get even more use! Also, any leftover residue can be brought down onto the neck either by massaging into the neck or you can ball up the mask and tap the product over the neck then massage. Don’t forget to squeeze all the product out the pack too! If you think theres to much simply leave in the fridge and use the product the next day as an intense moisturiser ect.
7. Never reuse a mask. Even after all our top tips a mask can still feel drenched in product and feel like a waste to bin however the mask is now full of all the bacteria and dirt it has lifted from your skin. Must go directly in the bin and never be saved for another use!
So if we’ve left you feeling inspired head on over to our website to check out our latest ranges in face masks!

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