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Is OOZZ hair extension good? Is trusted? We know lots of you have been wondering this questions since first heard about us. Nowadays, there are way too many hair suppliers. Did you hear that? Wayyyyy too many. From eBay, Amazon, some Chinese website vendors so on and so on…

The problem of facing too many sellers is that you do not even know which one is real and which one isn’t. Worse scenarios is you buy the hair products, either extensions or wigs from China, which take ages to arrive. Then what happen next? After a few washes, they go crazy and matt? What’s next? That’s another one to bin destination (face palm- wish we could have some the emoji here )

So good news is you found, or at least heard about it. Why is then? Why do we think you will love and stay?

Start with the name OOZZ. What an unusual name that you’ve ever heard of. Nowadays there are too many things happening around you, too many notes to take, too many things to do, either at universities or at work that keep you busy and tired. We come up with a name that cannot be simpler. Double Os and double Zs, you can remember it easily without challenging your brain. Keep it simple, make it niche!

Story of OOZZ

As expert wig designers we’ve been turning the latest celeb looks into wearable styles for our customers for years. Providing major brands all over the world with the best quality and styles so that women could have the most on trend celebrity looks.

But we noticed that these “middleman” brands would drive up the prices of the wigs once they left the factory. We didn’t feel like this was fair to the customer and we knew we could offer them something better.

So we set out to create a platform for customers to shop our fantastic designs but directly from us, the manufacturer. We want women to be able to look great and feel confident that they are wearing the best quality hair in the latest styles without breaking the bank.

Good news is we are based in the UK, so you get the delivery really fast too xx

What are OOZZ proud of?


To start with, we all love choices. OOZZ Team believe that we feel empowering when we can make our own decisions on what we like, what look best on us without breaking our bank accounts. Our hair extensions, wigs , closures come in different ranges of prices. 7A Brazilian hair is so beautiful and affordable, 9A Brazilian hair by New Sensorial can be as long as 28″. Did you hear that? Yes, that’s right, we say: 28″ long raw human hair which is extremely rare in the market.  Last but not least, you should try our Single Donor OOZZ GOLD virgin hair? Why? Simply it’s single donor, so you expect high consistency and quality level of hair colour and texture , which is very easily to wear and look after. And these OOZZ Gold Single Donor hair extensions last very long too, if you look after them properly. OOZZ Gold – the name says everything.


Premium Quality

Are you a hairdressers who put your name in your customers’ trust,  or an user with the strictest expectations for hair products? You look for something nice, premium and worth every penny you pay for. Then you should really try our exclusively premium OOZZ Gold Single Donor Virgin Remy Hair range. It’s not the cheapest hair you ever seen, the price may put you a few seconds of hesitation but we promise you’ll love them.

Since launch, OOZZ Gold Single Donor hair extensions have been going crazy. We have seen hairdressers keep going back for more, as their customers feel so happy with the hair products. We also see social influencers keep talking about it, like Altou Mvuama (a1_fleeky)) in her first YouTube hair review ever (thanks Altou, it’s our honour)   Yovonne Victoria (she wears OOZZ Gold on her first YouTube makeup tutorial that has 100k views – wow ), Kamden MonplaisirToniche, so on and so on (we can count all day long).  They have thousands of fans, and would of course only recommend the hair that they are happy with, do you feel convincing enough?


Excellent Customer Service

When it comes to choices, you may feel confused? We do not expect you to be such an expert in hair. Our hair extensions are available in many ranges and textures, our wigs are available in 1000 choices. What do you like? Lace front wigs? Premium full hand-tied wigs, how to bleech knots? How to make the hair stay nice and soft all the time? You need 1 to 1 shop assistant who can offer you best suggestions and even after- sale service? All you need to do is to phone us on free line: 0800 612 6688 or email us :

How do you know we are good? If you do not believe us, listen to what other customers’ have been talking about us.

We are rated as : Excellent on Trusted Shops and Great on Trust Pilot reviews, where you find 100% genuine reviews about our products and service from our customers.

Hope you enjoy the post xx Now it’s time to head back to to explore. Happy shopping xx

The OOZZ Team


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