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Dear customer,
Before you start using the hair, it is very important that you follow the instructions on this note to gain the best experience.

  • Our human hair products including wigs and extensions are truly finest and light weight, as long as you keep them dust- free by regular wash (at least once per 2 weeks), they will be great.
  • You can occasionally apply a few drops of quality natural and light weight oil or serum such as Argan oil gently and evenly over the hair. These oils will penetrate the cuticles and add moistures to hair extensions, as they have been cut off and do not have direct nutrient supply from scalp. 
  • Please do NOT apply any hair sprays or holding products on the hair strands will stick tight together and tangle, when you try to brush with extra force and they are likely to break.
  • To wash the extensions, gently wash with good and sulphate-free shampoo and condition, rinse away all the remaining hair product, and then lay them on a clean flat surface and leave to air dry. Do not use heat to dry or comb the hair when wet as this will damage the hair and cause it to break.
  • For kinky curl and deep wave hair and wigs, try to avoid combing because that will change the shape of the hair, simply shake the hair bundles to separate the curl before installation and only use fingers to refine the curls when necessary.
  • PLEASE NOTE - All bleaching/lightening and dyeing MUST be done by a skilled haircare professional at the customer's own risk. All additional chemical processes on the hair can compromise the quality and texture of the hair, causing the condition to deteriorate.