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OOZZ Guarantee


What OOZZ Guarantee offers you

The OOZZ (also known as Guarantee is a voluntary warranty scheme to our own customers to ensure highest usage satisfaction. We have always been proud of our brand name and working with passion on sourcing the best quality products for your pleasant and worries-free experiences when shopping with us.


We are proudly to be the first hair company in the UK ever to offer such service on Brazilian virgin hair. Our OOZZ Gold Single Donor and OOZZ Selected Donor Mink Hair are warranted against (1) tangling and (2) matting for a period of, 6 months and 3 months, accordingly. You only need to closely follow our hair maintenance and instruction that is stated on User Guidelines ( and extra hair tips in our blog ( to ensure the best result.

OOZZ Guarantee is simple and easy


  • If a defect arises during the Warranty Period, you can contact us via email or telephone a get free consultation to fix the issue.Our hair specialists should be able to resolve most of issues instantly at this stage.
  • If your product needs a closer look, you'll provide you a Guarantee authorised code and ask you to send the items to us.
  • OOZZ, at our option will recover and revive the Product at no charge to bring back its performance and reliability. In case that this cannot be achievable, you will be exchanged with the brand new product that you paid for, or an equivalent functionality product that you may like, in case the original product is unavailable to purchase.


We will return your item via record delivery FREE of charge to your original shipping address. You will be informed when item is about to dispatch. If you have moved to a new address, please notify us ASAP.


Terms & Conditions:

  • OOZZ Guarantee service start from the date you receive the items through the post.
  • Customers are strictly required to closely follow our hair maintenance and instruction that is stated above.
  • Our weft pattern is unique to detect and identify. Any false claim against the hair extensions that were not purchased from our store will be automatically cancelled and you must pay for the return postage in order to get the items back. Within 30 days if no return postage fee is paid, we will discard them.
  • Products with issues due to customers mistreating or not following user guidelines are not eligible for claim, repair or replacement. As gesture of goodwill, we will still try our best to revive your products. But if the issue is being too complex, we will get in touch to discuss a service fee if you’d like to go ahead with hair recovery service. If no agreement can be made, we will return your items as how we received.
  • OOZZ Guarantee Scheme does not include hair issues as results of dying and bleaching, as these are based on skills of person who perform.
  • OOZZ reserves the right to revise and cancel the scheme without notifying the customers. However, even if we cancel the scheme, products that were bought within 6 months prior cancellation are still accepted.
  • Please ensure you pack the item carefully, with clear name and address, Guarantee unique code outside mail package and send us via a recorded service as OOZZ is not responsible for any loss or damage during transit.