Do you change your look with each season? Is a flip of the page of your calendar
your excuse to go shopping? Then you are our kind of person! Now that the
nights are getting darker and the leaves are turning orange you might be feeling
a change of style! Here's our top 3 Autumnal looks that will have
you feeling as amazing as those Pumpkin flavoured lattes....

First up our Oct Venus wig in this gorgeous plum colour!
Don't you just love it! This shade will warm any skin tone and
perfectly frames the frame to show of excellent bone
structure. Get the look here.....

How about an extra layer to shield you from the cold?
Or atleast that's how you can explain the purchase to your
other half! Our AGR Venus's sweeping fringe is the perfect Autumn
look and will look so good under a beanie! Take a look here....

And lastly feel all Autumnal with our Nicki wig in shade 4/30/33!
These caramel tones and highlights will go perfectly with rosey cheeks
and red noses. We guarantee that Nicki will ease the transition
into the colder months. Take a closer look here...

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